Popular waterfalls like Dunns River, Mayfield Falls and YS Falls are where tourist go.

However most people even in Jamaica have never heard of theses falls. 

These are other Jamaican waterfalls located are all over the island that are just as stunning, each with its own unique features and experience to satisfy any taste for adventure.




Tacky Falls


Tacky Falls – photo by glengarden1

Tacky Falls is located in the northeastern parish of St. Mary, and is still one of the most natural waterfalls in Jamaica. Getting there, however, involves an adventurous 15-minute hike along a steep, narrow trail. Those who make the trek are rewarded with unencumbered access to a 60m tall waterfall with no tourist crowds or commercial activity to distract from the enjoyment of this natural wonder.




Cane River Falls


Cane River Falls – photo jonasty75

Just outside of Kingston in the 9 Mile area of Bull Bay is the Cane River Falls. A favourite among the locals, Cane River Falls offers several large pools where visitors can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim surrounded by nature.




Reggae Falls


Reggae Falls – photo by rhonz876

One of the best kept secrets in the parish of St. Thomas is the Reggae Falls, a spectacular waterfall cascading several feet to the Johnson River. One key feature of this falls is the section where warm water springs from a rock, and according to the locals contains therapeutic properties in the form of sulphur which assists in healing wounds. The obscure location also makes Reggae Falls an idyllic getaway for natural relaxation.




Scatter Water Falls


Scatter Falls by Photo by A Wilson

Though not quite as impressive as other large falls, Scatter Water Falls in Port Antonio, Portland is still a natural beauty. After hiking to the falls, visitors can enjoy a revitalizing swim, then head to the nearby Fox Caves to explore the amazing limestone stalactite formations and underground streams.




Reach Falls


Reach Falls – photo by ferryzievinger

Reach Falls is a spectacular waterfall surrounded by magnificent natural environment and ecological sanctuary. Sitting on a 4.6 hectare property, the falls is located approximately 45 minutes east of Port Antonio, and boasts more than 23 species of ferns and a variety of birds.  First discovered by runaway slaves, Reach Falls features a natural heart-shaped pool where swimmers can enjoy an invigorating natural massage from the water flow.




Turtle River Falls – photo by erinkate25

With 14 cascading waterfalls, The Turtle River Falls is located in an enchanting garden setting on 15-acre in the heart of Ocho Rios. Its features include a natural swimming pool, a beautiful Japanese Koi pond and a large variety of indigenous and endangered plants.




Kwaaman Waterfalls


Kwaaman Waterfalls, Robin Bay, Jamaica – photo by Jaclynraefitness

Located near Robins’ Bay, St Mary is the pristine Kwaaman Waterfall, a 32m wonder of nature flowing into the pool below. Some visitors claim to see the formation of dreadlocks as they gaze up from the water to the rock face above, perhaps carved by centuries of water flow through the rocks.




Fishdone Water Falls


Fishdone Water Falls – photo by tai-law

Many people have probably never heard of Fishdone Water Falls, situated on a private coffee farm about two miles from Buff Bay, Portland. The property consists of the falls, gardens and a small museum owned and operated by Maroon Colonel Lumsden. The falls are surrounded by a natural rainforest, and visitors are usually treated to a cultural tour of sorts as they walk past historical artifacts, in addition to plants and herbs used in traditional Maroon medicine.





Nanny Falls, Portland


Nanny Falls, Portland – photo by wndll

About 45 minutes from Port Antonio is the clear, refreshing waters of the Nanny Fall, named after the National Heroine, Nanny of the Maroons, who led many runaway slaves to freedom. Local guides are happy to take visitors on a hike through the jungle terrain to get to the refreshing waterfalls. The property includes a mini museum and occasionally an impromptu cultural performance.

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