Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica Tip's

New York has the Statue of Liberty. Paris has the Eiffel Tower. Jamaica... we have Dunn's River Falls.

The difference is Dunn's River Falls is a product of Mother Nature... and... is a living, growing phenomenon. (It is continuously regenerating itself from deposits of travertine rock in the river).

Imagine this.

Imagine you're relaxing on a beach 5 km from

Ocho Rios (where parts of the first James Bond movie, Dr. No were filmed). White sand, crystal clear water, sounds of laughter and merriment. Nothing unusual for a typical Jamaican beach, right?


Enjoying a "message" where Dunn's River Falls and the Caribbean Sea meet


Now imagine you saw... and heard... a waterfall dumping unceasing volumes of water into the sea just a few meters from where you're relaxing. You walk over and look up... and you see the impressive Falls. A "human chain" is being led up the waterfall by experienced Falls Guides. Other adventurous climbers are attempting to scale the Falls on their own.

You think about it...

To climb, or not to climb Dunn's River Falls: that is the question.

Because you're in good physical shape and a little on the adventurous side, you decide to give it a go. (This is not a leisurely frolic. It's tough, slippery climbing. But if you're up to it, it's well worth the effort).

You step into the water... and... it's a few degrees colder than the surroundings.

Next, you go to the base of the Falls and stand in the 'massage parlor.' Here you experience the soothing effect of the water as it cascades into the warm, inviting, aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea.


600 feet of rock climbing, water-beating-your-body, one-of-a-kind adventure beckons you... and you expectantly begin your climb.

The rocks are slippery. But there are footholds, sometimes only toeholds for you to get a grip... (so please be careful especially when climbing on your own).


Note #1: If you're part of a "human chain", try choosing someone to hold who is strong and not someone rowdy. There are times when you may need a helping hand. But remember... you don't have to be part of a "chain".

Note #2: You would do well to bring good solid beach shoes with rubber soles for your climb. (An old pair of non-slip sneakers or shoes MAY do... but they weigh a ton when wet). You're able to rent special shoes on the beach before you begin your climb. This is not required for climbing (if you're going solo), but will make your climb less... Ummm... less slippery and gives you better protection against the pebbles in the water.

You start meandering your way around huge boulders and up steep inclines amidst the rushing water. You make your way up Dunn's River Falls and admire the lush, verdant, breathtaking beauty all around you. You stop every once in a while at one of the many pools along your journey. You've brought your waterproof camera so you stop to take photos.

Note #3: Please stay on the prescribed path. Outside of this, the rocks are very slippery and you could fall and hurt yourself seriously.


Taking a break while climbing Dunn's River Falls

If you've had enough climbing there are several exit points. Those who want to watch friends/family can go to observation decks to view the unfolding adventure from a safer vantage point. At some points, onlookers may even wade into the water for photos with loved ones.

And finally, you've made it. You can say, "I climbed Dunn's River Falls." You've been there, done that, and you may even buy the T-shirt!

Note #4: Dunn's River Falls also has a park teeming with lush tropical foliage, a beach restaurant, and an artisan market. Spend a day... it will be a day well spent.


"Just Do The Falls!"
By the way... you can stop imagining now.