Where To Eat and Dine 

Best Food Options In Ocho Rios


Island Grill $$$

My #1 Choice for good low cost Healthy food.


This is like a healthy very good fast food.

Excellent Grilled Chicken low price and they carry a number of other low cost dinners.



My #1 Choice for Upscale dining.

 Exceptional Fine Italian Dining  great atmosphere.

 Priced from  very reasonable to expensive, you chose but all items are great value for price. Easy walk across street in Island Village. Food and service is much better than Evita's.


Juici Patties $

 These are a must have item.


They are hot snack type patties great for lunch.

They must be eaten hot, you will fall in love with theses.

They come in Chicken, beef, cheese, Shrimp and vegetable.

Cost about $1.50 US


           3 locations

5 Minutes walk on main to Burger King and make right to the end of street and it is on left.


7 Minutes walk on main pass Burger King go to “Clock” and it is on the left. 


8 Minute  walk on by pass road pass RUBIC gas station to KFC Plaza.



Miss T's Kitchen  $$$

12 Minutes walk on main pass clock, then  about 2 blocks on left  small street pass Doctors office and on the left.


Best upscale Jamaican restaurant in town, the food is awesome.


Entire menu is good. “Barbie Fried” Chicken is great value price.


   known for "Best Ox Tails" in Jamaica.

If you have never had “Ox Tail” get ready for a treat.

Tourist prices, but well worth it. 




Scotches   $$             

 Considered the Best Jerk in Jamaica.

Be sure to try “Festival” this is like a fried corn bread and everyone falls in love with it. 


2 Locations

One about 8 minute drive from Montego Bay airport coming to Ocho Rio.

One about 10 minute drive from Ocho Rio on road back to Montego Bay.



Jerk Center $$

Many people say just as good as “Scotches’” and has more items on menu. Food is very good and reasonable.

 Not far from villa on road toward Kingston before service station. 


Curry's  $

Best real Jamaican food in town. low price in what looks like bad area. The ares is safe but i recommend you go with Earl.


12 Minutes walk on main pass clock, then  about 2 blocks on right

in Chucks Plaza.


Christopher’s at Hermosa Cove. $$$

One of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets and our very favorite. I highly recommend you call ahead property is very private 974-3699.


It you have trouble getting in mention Fred and Regna and also ask to speak to the chef  “Conroy”. He is exceptional. 

Recommend for special very romantic at night but you also must go in time to view the property. It is in a Class by itself. The ambiance is unsurpassed .       


Toscanini $$$


One the best upper Class restaurants in Jamaica.  Exceptional Italian food. Reservations highly recommended. On Road to St Mary’s. Expensive but worth it. $$$$



Evita’s  $$$

The best-known Restaurant In “Ochie” Very Good Italian Food. On hill next to Columbus Heights.  Has beautiful view of the city. $$$

Tell Eva or your waiter that you are staying with Regna McClurkin and ask for 10% discount that Eva offers our guest.


Due to steep hill I recommend get a drive about 4 minutes away


Passage to India  $$$

Really great Indian Food compares to the very best I have had any where in the world. 


Price a little high but worth it. Has a great deal for lunch get a meal for $5 US that would cost $15 at dinner. India food is very hot. I love hot but in this case medium or mild is recommended.

If you love Indian an even better deal for lunch is the other Indian Restaurant at Sony Plaza food is also excellent and you get much more food.


This restaurant is located inside the development at Fisherman’s Point.




Sugar Pot $$$

Great place to go for lunch and spent the rest of the day on their private beach, Very rustic atmosphere great fish and seafood, Our favorite place for lunch and a day on beach. The water here has surf and is not good for snorkeling.


About a 17 minute drive on by pass heading toward St Mary.


For the Best snorkeling  it is our Runaway Bay Beach Club. I recommend you carry patties or have driver pick some up at Juci Beef in Runaway Bay. There is also a beach restaurant near by called “Flavors” that is reasonable and very popular.



Devon House Ice Cream  $$$

$$.  Ranked among the top “10” ice cream in the world. Every favor is fantastic with fresh fruit. The Rum raisin is to die for. There  are 2 one in Island Village and one in town near Juci Beef which is a little cheaper. “Big Tip” do not order cup you get small amount of ice cream.

 Also order single cone you get about same amount of Ice cream at ½ the price but only 1 flavor. Double refers to double favor.


Margaretville $$$

Good but not great. Nothing more to be said  Like the US. Located in Island Village.


John Crows $$$

Very good sports bar, tourist prices but worth it. Most guest also love the atmosphere a good palace to go. Short walk on Main St.


Mama Marley’s $$$

 Mixed reviews Tourist food at tourist prices.


Lobster Dave $$ 

This is the very best fish and Lobster in Jamaica, food is cooked the old fashion way 

over coals. The sauces here is the best I have ever tasted anywhere,


Mom’s $

(not Mothers which is fast food) is also a very good local food place to eat. Priced a little high for local food but very good.




KFC and Pizza Hut $


if you go main and just asks anyone.


Burger King $

$ Like in US.