From Airport:

1. Private Pickup This is the easiest and quickest mode of transport. The driver picks you as soon as you come out of the terminal and carries you directly to your villa or hotel. You may also stop at "Scotchies Jerk Center."  This is considered the #1 jerk center in Jamaica and the food is awesome. In addition to great Jerk Chicken and Pork, I highly recommend the "festival". It is like cornbread but tastes twice as good. You can also have your driver stop by the grocery store to pick up food items for breakfast or do all your shopping. The cost to Ochic is generally around $125 to$150 for 2 but we offer a special for $85 each way.


2. Tropical Tours. This is a tour company at the airport.  They depart once all passengers arrive. You sometimes have to wait for other passenger and stop at hotels along the way. The cost for this service is $25/person and they drop you at the villa.


Knutsford Express.. This is a 1st class bus service with wifi. $17/person ea way.. If you flight arrives at the right time it is the least expensive way to go if cash is a consideration.  







There are 3 different types of taxis providing internal transportation in Jamaica and it's good to know which is which.

Approved taxis have red license plates and display "PP" or "PPV" which stands for Public Passenger Vehicle. You have the option of chartering a taxi or taking a "route taxi" which is a shared taxi... (sort of like a cross between a bus and a taxi). The unlicensed taxis (which you should avoid) have white license plates (the same as private motor cars) and are called "robot taxis".

Although the route taxis may get crowded (4 people in the back), the passengers are generally quite friendly (as long as you're not all being squished!)... and you'll get to experience another side of Jamaica transportation. Trips by taxis are generally short-distance so if you're going across the island, you'd probably be better off taking a bus. (The fare on a route taxi is generally similar to the fare charged by the public passenger bus.)

Taking a local bus can be quite an experience. Firstly, at the bus depot, you will know where every bus or route taxi is going... courtesy of the "loader men". These are men who make a living by seeking out passengers for the buses and route taxis. As a result, you'll constantly hear them calling out the destinations of the different modes of transportation at the depot.

Local buses usually have music playing - although it's against the law - and both buses and taxis can get crowded. Buses generally tend to have tinted windows and names (not of the destinations) written across the top of the windshield. When you get to your stop, get the driver's attention (like most locals do) by saying "One Stop Driver" or "Bus Stop" in the case of a built-up area with bus stops... and that's it.

If you're not boarding the bus or route taxi at the terminus, just stand safely by the side of the road and wave down buses and taxis. They'll pull right over.