Weddings In Jamaica

Your Guide to Destination Weddings in Jamaica...
(What You Need To Know About
Getting Married In Our One Love Paradise)

A Jamaica wedding can be the dream wedding you've always hoped for... and that's because Jamaica has so much to offer.



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Imagine this: picture-perfect white sandy beaches and commanding cliffs at sunset, gently meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains and picturesque gardens, stately churches and historic great houses... all available for you to design the perfect romantic backdrop... for whatever style Jamaica wedding you have in mind.


Ahhh... newlyweds in Jamaica enjoying the beginning of forever


Destination weddings in Jamaica range from black ties to bikinis (and everything in between)... but whatever you're thinking... we have it down pat. 

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You may decide to go the all-inclusive route and get wedding packages that include the whole works... room, meals, drinks, activities and even the ceremony itself.

Or you may choose to go with a small hotel or villa and get a great combination of ambiance and intimacy that is synonymous with a romantic wedding experience.

Whatever your choice, it's your dream and you should decide what's right for you and yours on your special day. Of course, you're limited only by your vivid imagination and your budget!

Here are a few more good reasons why Jamaica is THE #1 choice for your wedding destination:








  • usually costs a lot less than getting married at home

  • air travel to Jamaica is easy because we have excellent flight schedules

  • documents are processed in English and are legally binding worldwide

  • wedding ceremonies are conducted in our official language, English

  • almost perfect year-round Jamaica weather

  • wide array of hotels/villas/resorts for you to choose from



Waiting Time


If you make your application for a marriage license prior to arriving in Jamaica... you can get married 24 hours after arrival.


Cost of License


Your marriage license will cost you four thousand Jamaican dollars.
(Foreign Exchange Currency Converter)


Where to Apply


Apply for your marriage license at the Ministry of Labour & Social Security. (Better yet, have your wedding coordinator take care of it for you.)

Ministry of Labour & Social Security
1f North Street
Tel: (876)906-4923
Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
                   Friday from 9:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.
(All times are GMT-5 / EST. We do not observe Daylight Saving Time.)




You're not required to take a blood test before getting married. However, the following documentation is required for weddings in Jamaica:





  1. You need a certified copy of your birth certificate, which includes your father's name. This is required for proof of citizenship.

  2. Are you divorced? If yes you'll need proof of divorce, i.e. the original certificate of divorce.

  3. If you're a widow or widower, you'll need a certified copy of the death certificate.

  4. Are you under 18 years of age? If yes you'll need your parent's written consent.



Marriage Officers


Non-denominational Marriage Officers are on call to officiate at a wedding location of your choice... and they're able to provide witnesses. Charges range anywhere from US$50 to US$250 for weddings in Jamaica.



May YOUR Jamaica Wedding be as breathtaking as you imagined...
...and then some!


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